We are pleased to announce that over 600 facilities have installed COROYAWA®️, a flooring material that is soft only when a person falls, reducing the risk of fractures from falls.

COROYAWA®︎, launched in August 2021 for medical and welfare facilities, is a new flooring material that is the first in the world to combine the properties of “walking stability” and “shock absorption,” two properties that were previously considered difficult to combine. It is highly evaluated by hospitals and welfare facilities that want to reduce the risk of fractures from falls. When a person falls, the floor surface concaves to reduce the risk of fall fractures, but because it is not normally hard and concave, wheelchairs, canes, and electric beds can also be used, and it is difficult to fall when walking. The number of facilities where the system has been installed has increased to more than 600, and many national hospitals and hospitals with more than 1,000 beds have adopted the system.

The number of installation locations is also rapidly expanding, from the area around the bed, which was the most frequently requested area when the product was first released, to the restrooms and full installation in patient rooms and living rooms, where falls are more common these days.

For more information, please visit our site in Japanese.

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